Anaissa ‘Effi’ seamless 3D sports crop top


Anaissa ‘Effi’ seamless 3D sports crop top

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Anaissa ‘Effi’ seamless 3D sports crop top
Lighter shaping garments, which will help you have more energy and better performance during sports activities.
Thermoregulatory garments that ensure that the body temperature is always stable.
If the outside temperature rises, the garment will respond by rapidly absorbing and evaporating moisture, preserving comfort for a longer time.
They are garments that do not deform with use.
– Graduated compression on the muscles that suffer the most during physical activity.
– Eco-friendly: It is manufactured with a recyclable material that consumes less energy in its manufacture.
– Different compression in certain areas to improve blood circulation.
– SPF50 Protection.
– Hypoallergenic
SPF50 Protection.
Made in Spain.






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