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Online Litigation Resolution

Online Litigation Resolution

What is online dispute resolution?

It is a platform created by the European Commission that is available to consumers and businesses, based on Regulation UEn° 524/2013 on the resolution of online consumer disputes, which allows complaints about products or services purchased online to be made and a neutral third party («dispute resolution body») to be found to deal with them.

If you have a complaint about your online purchase but do not wish to go to court, you may be able to reach an out-of-court settlement through online dispute resolution.

If you have a complaint about a purchase, you can opt for alternative dispute resolution instead of going to court. All procedures that allow a claim to be handled without going to trial are called «alternative dispute resolution. They usually involve the intervention of a third party who acts as a neutral intermediary between the consumer and the business against which the complaint is made. Depending on the case, the intermediary may propose a solution, impose a solution on the parties or bring them together to reach an amicable solution. Alternative dispute resolution (also called «mediation», «conciliation», «arbitration», etc.) is usually cheaper, simpler and faster than going to court.

Consumers who wish to receive more information or initiate a dispute resolution procedure can go to through this link you can search for a dispute resolution body to help reach an agreement between consumer and employer.