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About us 3 reasons

About us 3 reasons

About Us


CIF: B76625334

Avenida Juan Carlos I 16 Simón Building.

CEO: Jose Manuel Somoza Sieira

BeFunky Fashion Show CEO

Telephone: +34 922.75.10.21

Mobile: +34 606.18.19.46



José Manuel Somoza Sieira (Noia, la Coruña) 1965.

I arrived in the south of Tenerife in 1988. The beginnings weren’t easy, I guess they’re not easy for anyone. Although I am Spanish, I was in a region far from mine and also with different customs, however I adapted quickly to the idiosyncrasy of my new home.

After several jobs in the hospitality industry, I started selling fashion, especially women’s clothing. Tenerife is a showcase of different cultures; I observed that there were other people who also exhibited and sold their products in fashion shows that were quite simple but with good results, I think because of the privileged climate of the island and the open mentality of the multicultural public that witnessed the shows.

In 1991, together with a boy named Juan José Santos R.I.P. (as partners), we started a company called Ocean Canarias, which became Tenerife Moda. After separating our paths laborally, I was traveling a lot and on my return to this land, BeFUNKY FASHION was born, a company with which I am happy since we have experienced significant growth. Today is 5 years and a half of those beginnings, when we were only 3 people.

about us

BeFUNKY FASHION is dedicated to parading and selling clothes in the most renowned hotels in Tenerife and I believe that the time has come to launch our first online store, in this very competitive world. From Tenerife island we will try to make our way in the international sector of fashion, beachwear and accessories.

Stay tuned…